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If you are interested in learning more about Adoptive Parenting please contact your regional DCFS Home Development office for the most up-to-date information on orientation and training.

Foster parents play a special role in the life of a child who, because of abuse, neglect or sexual victimization, has had to leave their family.

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Foster Care is a protective service provided to children in custody of the Department of Children and Family Services. It provides substitute, temporary care (e.g., foster family home, residential care facility, etc.) for a planned period of time when a child must be separated from his or her own parents or relatives.

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Provider Portal

  • Are you currently a certified foster/adoptive parent? If your response is yes, visit DCFS' Provider Portal. Once registered, you will have the ability to: 1) upload/download documents; 2) submit Expenditure Affidavit - Form 435; 3) review board/expenditure history.

  • Interested in becoming a certified foster/adoptive parent? Visit DCFS' Provider Portal to submit an: 1) Inquiry; 2) Application; and 3) Expenditure Affidavit - Form 435. This feature also allows a user to upload and/or download documentation necessary for certification.
Court Process and Legal Rights Guide For Foster Caregivers artwork
Court Process and Legal Rights Guide For Foster Caregivers

This guide is to be used to learn more about Child in Need of Care (“CINC”) cases.

It is for foster parents, relatives, fictive kin (individuals connected to a child or family through bonds of affection, concern, obligation, and/or responsibility), and pre-adoptive parents with whom a child is living on a provisional (i.e., short-term) basis while a CINC case is being resolved.

Foster Caregiver Progress Form

The Foster Caregiver Progress Form below gives foster caregivers the opportunity to provide valuable information about how the child in their care is doing and exercise their legal right to be heard in court.

Supporting Foster Youth and Families through the Pandemic Act

On December 27, 2020, the federal government passed the Supporting Foster Youth and Families through the Pandemic Act, allowing all youth who aged out of extended foster care between April 1, 2020, and present to re-enter the program through September 30, 2021, regardless of their age or whether they meet criteria. DCFS was also awarded funds to assist youth in foster care as well as young adults who aged out of care and who are currently being served by Independent Living Providers.

Due to the increase in funds, our youth 14 to 18 years of age are eligible to receive additional services. 

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